Online reality escape games

Explore new worlds alone or together with friends and colleagues, find clues, research online and solve puzzling cases. The focus is not on solving tricky puzzles, as in classic Escape Games.
No registration, no download required. Buy a mission card now and play immediately or later.

Escape vouchers

With every purchase you will receive a mission card with a mission code by email, which you can print out and give as a gift. The mission code is valid for 3 years.

multi player

  1. Click on an exit game above to buy multiple mission codes and play with others at home or from wherever you are
  2. any number of players can play at the same time
  3. one code can be used by 2 players
  4. one person can buy all mission codes and distribute the codes to the players before the game.
  5. start mission
  6. play online alone or together with others
  7. everyone plays the Escape game with their own internet enabled cell phone, tablet or laptop in their own language
  8. you can divide the tasks of the mission and exchange information about WhatsApp, Skpe etc.
  9. together you find clues and solve puzzles like in an escape room.

single player

  1. Click on an exit game above and buy a mission code
  2. start mission
  3. select language
  4. play via cell phone, tablet, PC
  5. find clues online, solve puzzles, fulfill mission
  6. 60 minutes of play, fun and excitement
  7. interruption of the game possible at any time