reality escape game

Carries familiy
Instantly playable
The Lueder family is preparing for a family celebration at Le Moulin Castle.
Murder, organized crime, drug dealing. Who is involved and where? Go to your limits and experience the scariest places on this planet.
Your mission
An exciting reality escape mission awaits you. Play online from wherever you are via your mobile device or PC. No installation, no registration. Buy your mission code now and play now or later, or give it away.
Your first task
Everything is prepared for the family reunion on Castle Le Moulin. Quickly go through the shopping list again: Apple, pear, pomegranate, chestnuts, carambola, grapes. Oh yes, Adele's favorite fruit is still missing on the fruit plate.
Your challenge
Duration of the mission: 90 minutes
Age: Recommended from 16 years-olds upwards
Level: Choice of medium or tricky. But you can always request hints
Multiplayer: Buy different mission codes and invite other players. Communicate via WhatsApp or Messenger.
The Commission
Inspired by Lucky Luciano in the 1930s, The Commission was established as a governing body for various Mafia families. This council aimed to resolve internal disputes and foster coordinated cooperation to streamline criminal activities more efficiently.
Mafia's Business Ventures
Mafia families were active in numerous areas, from alcohol smuggling during Prohibition to gambling, prostitution, and drug trafficking. They also managed to penetrate legal sectors such as transportation, wholesale food, and the construction industry.
Influence and Expansion
The establishment of The Commission marked the beginning of a new era of organized crime, expanding its power and influence across different business fields. This led to an unprecedented expansion of the Mafia, whose influence remains embedded in pop culture and collective memory today.
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