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Secret society Singapur
Play now or later
You are short of money and come across Huang on the Internet, who promises you quick help. You have no idea what you are getting into. Perpetrator or detective? Decide before the game which side you are on and experience the game from different perspectives and with different challenges. You can play both games with the same code either in teams simultaneously or one after the other.
Based on a true story.
Your mission
An exciting reality escape mission awaits you. Play online from wherever you are via mobile device or PC. No installation, no registration. Buy your mission code and play now or later, or give it away.
Your first task
Hello, I am Huang. My friend, I am glad if you accept my invitation. Look around the Fullerton Hotel in Singapore. Wait in the bar for further instructions.
Your challenge
Duration of the mission: 90 minutes
Age: Recommended from 16 year-olds upwards
Level: Medium or tricky, you can always als for hints.
Multiplayer: Buy different mission codes and invite other players. You can play the game from the detective's point of view or from the perpetrator's point of view with the same code in teams in parallel or one after the other. Communicate via WhatsApp or Messenger.


Origin and History
The Tianihiu, commonly known as Triads, have their origins in China and boast a long history that spans centuries. Initially founded as underground movements, they later transformed into secretive organizations involved in various illegal activities. Despite their traditional roots, these groups have adapted to the modern era, expanding their reach globally.
Structure and Operations
Secret societies like the Tianihiu have a hierarchical structure characterized by secrecy and strict codes of conduct. They operate both offline and online, engaging in a variety of illicit businesses, leveraging the anonymity and reach of the internet. From cybercrime to black market dealings, these organizations utilize digital platforms to extend their influence and evade law enforcement measures.
Challenges and Measures
Efforts to combat secret societies in Singapore have intensified. Law enforcement agencies employ advanced forensic techniques to disrupt their operations. Additionally, public awareness campaigns educate citizens about the risks associated with online involvement in these clandestine networks, emphasizing the importance of reporting suspicious activities.
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